We’re not sure how many of you guys remember the movie Space Jam from back in 1996, but in case you were too young, the movie basically featured Michael Jordan playing alongside the Looney Tunes characters and battling aliens in an epic basketball match. It might not necessarily have been the most convincing movie of all time but it was good and entertaining. Now the good news is that if you wanted to relive Space Jam, you can, thanks to an NBA 2K14 mod which basically introduces Looney Tunes characters and aliens into the game.

The mod was developed by NBA 2K series modder, MGX, so if you’re interested in checking out the mod for yourself and reliving some nostalgia, head on over to MGX’s Facebook page for the details. Granted the mod doesn’t exactly have that same cartoony feel and wonder you got from the movie, but we think MGX has done a great job by introducing the Looney Tunes characters and aliens as character models. Heck, even if you have never seen Space Jam but would love to switch up your gameplay a little bit, we reckon this mod should be able to do the trick. In the meantime for those who are wondering what they are about to get themselves into, check out the video above for the details!

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