P600_BK_front.highIt seems that ahead of CP+ which is taking place next week, Nikon has decided to unveil a host of new cameras. This isn’t too surprising given that Nikon’s announcements during CP+ will probably be overshadowed by announcements made by other manufacturers, so this is one way of getting the leg up on the competition. That being said, Nikon, in addition to the Coolpix AW120 rugged camera that we just covered, has announced four additional new Coolpix cameras in the form of the Coolpix P600, Coolpix P530, Coolpix PS9700, and the Coolpix P340.

Starting with the Coolpix P600, the design of this camera looks like it could be a DSLR, at least that’s what we’re getting from our first impressions. In reality the Coolpix P600 is a camera with a built-in zoom lens that will go from 24-1440mm which we have to say is pretty impressive and great for photographers who want a camera with a great zoom. The camera will also come with lens-shift vibration reduction, 7fps continuous shooting, Full HD 60i video recording, a high-resolution LCD display, and will also come with WiFi built into the camera to allow for wireless transfer of photos and videos. Priced at $499.95, the Coolpix P600 will be available come 27th February.

S9700_BK_frt34r_lo_w.highNext up we have the Nikon S9700. In a way the S9700 is a zoom camera as well although it does not extend as far as the P600. The S9700 will sport a 30x optical zoom lens which is a 25-750, 35mm equivalent which Nikon boasts is “packed into a compact body”. Just like the P600, the S9700 will come with built-in WiFi and will also have GPS connectivity to top things off. The camera will sport a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor with a hybrid VR image stabilization feature for stable video recording along with 3-inch OLED display. The S9700 will be priced a tad cheaper at $349.95 and will be available in February 2014 as well.

P530_frt34r_on_w.highNikon has also announced the Coolpix P530, which like the P600 appears to sport a somewhat familiar DSLR-like design, although in reality this is a bridge-styled camera with a 16MP sensor on board. The P530 will also feature a zoom lens that will extend from 24-1000mm and will come with an aperture of f/3.0-5.9. Just like the previously mentioned Coolpix cameras, the P530 will also feature Nikon’s vibration reduction technology, and will offer an electronic viewfinder, a 3-inch LCD display, manual exposure control, and Full HD video recording as well. Priced at $449.95, the Nikon Coolpix P530 will be available starting on the 13th of February.

P340_BK_SLup_frt34r.highLast but not least is the Nikon Coolpix P340, which like the Coolpix S9700 will come in a compact body which is handy for photographers who want to be able to slip their cameras into their pockets with relative ease. The P340 does not appear to offer up as much zoom, unlike the previous 3 Coolpix cameras mentioned above. Instead the camera will come with a 24-120mm lens, but the difference is that it has a brighter aperture compared to the rest at f/1.8-5.6, which we can only assume will make it a great camera for low-light situations when you don’t wan to use flash.

The P340 will come with built-in WiFi and a lens ring that allows you to use it to tweak settings instantly, such as manual focus, shutter speed, ISO, and so on depending on what you set it for. The P340 will also allow photographers to capture RAW images which is handy for photographers who prefer to have full control over their photos in the post-editing process. Priced at $379.95, the Coolpix P340 will be available come 27th February 2014.

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