omate-truesmartWearable technology might be the next big thing in the consumer electronics market, but as to the size that this niche will grow into, that remains to be seen. Here is yet another model that has debuted, which is known as the Omate TrueSmart. The Omate TrueSmart would feature the internals of an Android smartphone (which frankly, cannot be too powerful considering how they have to take its overall external size into consideration during the manufacturing process) as well as the relevant software and features, while coming in a smartwatch form factor.

Omate managed to raise a cool amount of money via Kickstarter last year in order to finance the manufacturing of their first smartwatch, and here we are with an updated model which is 30% lighter than its predecessor. So far, we do know that Omate has not yet shipped its watches to everyone who pledged to the initial crowd-funding campaign, which has certainly annoyed folks who wonder why is Omate already working on next generation hardware before they actually managed to fulfill their promise by ensuring all first generation devices “ordered” have been delivered.

At least the Omate TrueSmart smartwatch has already passed the tests over at the FCC, which means that it should be ready to rock and roll. The new Omate TrueSmart will arrive in various colors, with black, ping, and bronze being your choices.

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