wikipedia-bookHow many of you guys have grown up with hard copies of encyclopedias, raise your hands! The drawback to physical copies is that not only will they eventually go out of date, but they can never be updated, which might explain why Wikipedia has managed to become as popular as it has today. Not only is the information in Wikipedia crowd sourced, but given its digital nature, it can be updated as soon as something new has been revealed, ensuring that everyone is always up to date at all time.

Of course its accuracy might be debatable and universities and colleges definitely do not allow Wikipedia to be used as a reference, which is why Pedia Press’ goal of printing a 1,000 volume print version of Wikipedia is a little puzzling. After all, print kind of defeats one of the purposes of Wikipedia in the first place, doesn’t it? Well whatever it is, the publisher has launched an Indiegogo campaign in which they are hoping to raise $50,000 in funding.

The goal is to publish 1,000 books in grey scale, although it might change to color if the funding goal is exceeded. Also due to the fact that Wikipedia is organic and is constantly growing, new additions will have to be printed on the fly as they come in. It definitely sounds like an interesting idea, although it might be a little fruitless as a new article update or an addition would render the book out of date instantly, but if you’d like to contribute or learn more, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details!

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