We first heard about the possibility of a refreshed Apple TV set-top box being released late last year. Often referred to as Apple’s hobby, the set-top box was rumored to be updated alongside the new iPads. The company did launch two new iPads late last year but it didn’t even mention the Apple TV. It was rumored soon after that the refreshed Apple TV will be released in early 2014. So far the company hasn’t said anything about its plans for this device, but seeing as how references to a new Apple TV have been discovered in iOS 7, there seems to be more weight to this theory.

The existing model of this device bears identified “AppleTV3,2.” Hamza Sood, a developer, has discovered a string in iOS 7 which contains references to “AppleTV4,1.” In the past, a change in the first number has resulted in a major refresh, whereas a change in the second number was usually made to reflect a minor specifications bump. When Apple launched a slightly refreshed variant of the set-top box last January, the identifier went up to “AppleTV3,2” from “AppleTV3,1.” So far details about the new Apple TV are pretty slim, its believed that there may be an increased focus on gaming. It has been claimed in a few rumors that we might see a release as soon as March, Apple as always hasn’t commented on speculation.

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