mac-proAfter teasing the new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013, Apple finally released the computer towards the end of 2013. While the new Mac Pro boasted a brand new and very unique design that was packed with powerful hardware, it seems that the demand for the computers could be higher than what Apple had anticipated as they were having difficulty keeping up with demand.

We have seen shipping times slip to February and April for those who were a little slow in placing their orders, but now according to reports, it seems that Apple will be delaying some early Mac Pro orders until March, meaning that some customers who bothered to place their order early can only expect their new Mac Pros next week at the earliest.

However there are some lucky customers who were told that they only had to wait 5-7 business days, and there was also a report from one user who claims that Apple emailed him to assure him that his order would arrive by the end of the month.

We’re not sure what the reason is behind the delays and why it is taking Apple so long to put the orders together. Even with devices like the iPhone that are in high demand, Apple has managed to churn them out pretty fast, and despite delays, they weren’t pushed back multiple times.

Some have attributed this to the fact that the new Mac Pros will be manufactured in a new factory in the US as part of Apple’s plan to bring some production back to the US. Typically Apple has relied on their manufacturing partners in China to do most of the grunt work, so perhaps Apple’s US factory is still getting up to speed.

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