sony-gemalto-nfcSony and Gemalto have come together to offer solutions that involve the implementation of FeliCa/NFC technology since 2012, which has led to Gemalto’s high end UpTeq SIMs that will integrate FeliCa/NFC capability. It seems that there is the implementation of Sony’s FeliCa/NFC technology in Gemalto’s microSD memory cards now, as both companies intend to open up the door for mobile handsets as well as smartphones to gain access to different FeliCa/NFC contactless services, where among these will range from e-money payment all the way to transportation ticketing and personal identification.

The incorporation of a contactless IC and an antenna will see Gemalto’s FeliCa/NFC equipped microSD memory cards to be able to access contactless card services through the extremely simple act of inserting it into mobile handsets and smartphones, and these will also be compatible with non-NFC handsets to boot. The FeliCa functionality was introduced in mobile handsets back in 2004 by Sony, where it has since achieved large-scale commercial adoption when it comes to transportation, e-money payment, and ID services in Japan, as well as in different countries, so to see it appear in microSD memory cards is another step forward in wireless and contactless connectivity between devices. The future is definitely a bright one, don’t you think so? [Press Release]

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