Marketing is important when it comes to selling a product because not only does a product have to sell based on its own merits, but at the same time it has to have an appeal, such as a specific look, a lifestyle, and so on. Sony has done just that with their W series Walkman MP3 player, which for those unfamiliar, is a pair of earphones with an MP3 player built into them itself. This means that there will not be an additional cable that attaches to your phone, making it a pretty portable device and great for the gym, which is exactly how Sony is marketing it.

Teaming up with advertising firm, DraftFCB over in New Zealand, Sony has decided to market their W series Walkman by placing them inside of water bottles and selling them at locations such as gym and indoor pools from vending machines. Naturally the fact that it comes inside a water bottle highlights how the MP3 player is waterproof, making it ideal for gym goers who might be worried that sweat and light washing of their earphones might damage the device, and swimmers who might want to swim with their headphones on. It is admittedly a pretty clever, don’t you think?

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