sony-smartband[MWC 2014] Back at CES 2014, Sony announced a wearable device called the SmartBand SWR10. The device itself is rather inconspicuous in terms of its design and is relatively thin in nature, making it a perfect device for those who would rather not sport something ostentatious on their wrists. That being said, not much was known about the device back then, but Sony promised more would be revealed at MWC 2014, and sure enough they have.

If there’s one thing interesting about the device is that it reminds us of the Huawei TalkBand based on the fact that the “core” can be removable. What this means is that you can expect other manufacturers to create bands based around it, which also means that your Core will be unique in terms of design as you will have a ton of design choices to choose from. The SmartBand can be used as a music remote control, receive notifications, and make what Sony is calling “Life Bookmarks” which basically tracks your life, your sleeping habits, and so on.

Sony has also announced that there will also be a World Cup edition of the Sony SmartBand, meaning that you can expect it to come in the colors of green and yellow (which are some of the colors found on Brazil’s flag). The SmartBand will also come with an accompanying app called Lifelog that will help you track fitness goals, monitor your athletic progress, and so on. While pricing was not mentioned, Sony has announced that the SmartBand will be available in March.

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