Everyone loves a good Steam sale, don’t they? Developers not so much. That being said, gamers might be interested to learn that Valve will be giving developers the tools they need to set their own discounts and sales periods on Steam, which the company recently confirmed with the folks at Polygon. Prior to this Valve and developers had to work together to create individual Steam sales.


What this means is that gamers will not have to wait for Valve to announce sales as developers will soon be able to be free to announce their own sales whenever they want. This sounds like a great way for developers to offer discounts whenever they want, which in turn could lead to more games being purchased.

According to Doug Lombardi, “This new Steamworks tool allows developers to configure discounts for their own products, on their own schedules. They can define custom sale periods or opt in to regularly scheduled sales. This will enable developers to better coordinate their promotions with events, announcements, or major updates they are planning for their products.”

The good news is that this doesn’t mean that developers will sit out Steam’s own sales as they will still retain the option of opting in on Steam’s own period of sales as well. We’re not sure if this means that we will start seeing sales occur more frequently, but it will mean that gamers will need to keep an eye on their favorite games every once in a while to check.

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