typoBack in December of 2013, an iPhone case called the Typo Keyboard was announced. There are several reasons why it managed to generate the attention that it did, and for starters it was backed by celebrity Ryan Seacrest, and secondly its design was reminiscent of BlackBerry’s own keyboards that are used in its QWERTY devices like the BlackBerry Q10, for example. That being said we weren’t surprised to learn that BlackBerry wasn’t pleased about the design and has since filed a lawsuit and were looking to block Typo Keyboard sales.

Typo had originally responded to the lawsuit earlier in January and in a 26-page argument that the company recently submitted to the California Court, the company argued that BlackBerry is looking to monopolize devices with keyboards. They also made the argument that no one would mistake the Typo Keyboard for a BlackBerry device. “No one looking to buy a BlackBerry phone, because of an alleged ‘resemblance,’ would buy a case with a physical keyboard instead. Typo keyboards are sold on Typo’s website, cost $99.00, and are for people who already own an iPhone. BlackBerry phones are sold on its own website, cost $549.00, and require activation from a cell phone carrier. No consumer will be confused.”

We have to admit that Typo’s argument does make sense, but what do you guys think? Will it be enough to prevent the courts from issuing a preliminary injunction?

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