steam-tagsTagging is a useful features for blogs, music, and even games as it helps identify and refine the search process. For example tagging a game with “RPG” would allow those searching for an RPG game to come across said title, but unfortunately it seems that some have gotten a bit carried away when it comes to tagging games on Valve’s Steam platform, abusing the Steam Tags feature shortly after it was launched. For example titles such as Gone Home was tagged with a “not a game” tag; Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP with a “hipster garbage” tag; and Indie Game: The Movie with “Phil Fish sucks”.


This has led to Valve making an announcement that they will be doing something about it in an update that will hopefully lead to such tags disappearing for good, or at least reduced immensely. The update basically allows users to flag tags, thanks to a flag icon placed next to a tag, that will inform Valve if the tag is offensive/abusive, not appropriate, not helping, or contains a spoiler. From there Valve will review the flag and determine if the tag should be removed. This is very different from Valve’s Steam review system in which gamers are only allowed to review games that they have actually played, versus tagging where anyone can tag a game even if they have not played it.

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