Its no secret that competition among U.S. mobile operators has been steadily heating up, with T-Mobile lighting many of the fires through its “uncarrier” announcements. At one point even AT&T felt the need to retaliate, offering customers up to $450 just to switch over from Magenta. It was rumored that the country’s largest mobile operator, Verizon Wireless, is going to offer $100 credit to customers towards their bill provided that they add a new line within the next three weeks. Verizon has launched a couple of new promotions, but they’re not exactly what have previously been rumored.


Instead, the carrier is now offering a $100 gift card for smartphones that are in good working condition but have been appraised for less than $100. Verizon actually offers up to $300 for smartphones that are traded in, so if your device is in much better shape, you can receive a card of a greater denomination. Moreover, the carrier is also slashing the $35 activation fees on any new lines added during the coming days. Combine this with the gift cards and you could end up saving a decent amount of money. Customers will be able to take advantage of the trade-in promotion until March 31st, whereas the activation fee on new lines is being waived until February 17th.

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