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There has been much back and forth between AT&T and T-Mobile over the past few mosts, notably when both carriers’ Twitter accounts started duking it out over a single customer. Harsh statements have been made, parties crashed, and the rivalry continues. On January 3rd, AT&T launched a new promotion, offering T-Mobile customers willing to switch to AT&T up to $450 in credit. The company has confirmed that this promotion is no longer in effect, AT&T is not going to pay you to leave Magenta anymore.

The carrier confirmed to re/code that it had previously said that the promotion was a limited time offer, and that it subsided on January 31st. Since AT&T’s promotion was aimed specifically at T-Mobile subscribers, Magenta’s CEO called it a “desperate” move on the carrier’s part to poach subscribers it. T-Mobile countered by launching a new promotion that entices customers from all major and even some small carriers to hop on board, and if they choose to do so, T-Mobile pays the early termination fees of their families. AT&T revised its rate plans as well, launching what it claims to be the “best ever” family plan rates. The wireless battle continues to heat up, even though T-Mobile’s subscriber base is significantly less than that of AT&T. Though Magenta has made waves last year with its “uncarrier” announcements.

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