22983-large-steve-wozniak-android-640x399Just the other day, Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, made a statement in which he stated that Apple making Android devices was not such a bad idea. Wozniak has made some pretty interesting statements over the years, many of which have caused a great deal of debate and discussion, but apparently this was one comment that he felt that might have been taken a bit too literally as it was meant to be more of a joke as opposed to an actual suggestion. According to Gina Smith, the co-writer of Steve Wozniak’s biography, Wozniak felt that Wired, who were the ones who reported the story, got it wrong.


According to him, “They got it quite wrong for their own reasons … I’m used to things like this, (where the media turns) ‘could’ into ‘should.’ But the idea caught a lot of attention. It was just (my) independent idea … I’m sure others have said it before but I get more attention …” He later goes on to add that his comment was intended as “a form of comedy. I felt it was an interesting thing to say.” Well regardless of whether he meant it in jest or whether it was meant as a serious suggestion, it got a lot of people talking which we guess was his intention all along.

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