The Beetle from Volkswagen is a truly iconic ride for the ages, and to see one of these classics purring around on the road is certainly a sight to behold, especially when it has been kept in immaculate condition. Well, the ZelectricBug will surely make heads turn, considering how it is a project that has breathed new life into an old Volkswagen Beetle.

The ZelectricBug would feature the regular Volkswagen Beetle that has received a total makeover from the inside out, as it now runs on electric power instead of having to rely on gas. Of course, this would also mean that just about everything underneath will need to be cleaned out proper in order for the green version of an old school Beetle ply our roads without adding any kind of air pollution. Will such a conversion take off in a big scale? That remains to be seen, and should Volkswagen actually come up with a fully electric version of the modern day interpretation of the Beetle, that might jive more with motorheads out there. I suppose that this looks set to be an extremely rare sight on our roads, but if you are interested, there are conversion kits available to those who intend to go green with the old.

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