titanfall-xbox-live-goldMicrosoft has just introduced its 24 month Xbox Live Gold subscription, where it will cost gamers £59.99 in order to maintain that level of subscription for a couple of years. This particular Titanfall-branded 24 month card can be purchased over at GAME, which happens to offer savings of up to £20 compared to purchasing a couple of 12 month subscriptions on their own. It is really good business, really, if you know that you will be spending plenty of time with your beloved Xbox in the next two years.

The standard Xbox Live Gold subscription normally costs £39.99 for a dozen months. For gamers who feel that they cannot commit, you might want to do the math and see just how far £20 will be able to bring you in the next two years. If you were to take into account inflation and all of that financial jazz, then I suppose getting this two year Xbox Live Gold membership is just good sense. Not only that, you would also be able to show your other half what a prudent person you are in managing your household expenses, always on the lookout to save the both of you money. After all, if you’re at home in front of the console, you are not outside boozing your money (and health) away, right?

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