gamestop-xbox-one-promotionGameStop is a retailer where gamers go to buy their computer games and their consoles and maybe some accessories or peripherals. Basically it would hard to mistake GameStop for anything but a retailer of video games and related products, wouldn’t you agree?


Well it turns out that one anonymous 4chan user has come up an ingenious idea that he/she could turn GameStop into their own personal bank. We can’t verify if what the poster said was real, but the technique does sound plausible although we’re not sure if the folks at GameStop might be too happy with the idea of their company being used as a private bank without their knowledge.

Basically the idea came about when the user claimed that they were annoyed with US banks as they kept overdrafting their account, and had the same thing happen to their credit union accounts as well with a debit card.

So how does the user “bank” in or withdraw their money? Simple. Whenever they get paid, he/she buys a ton of new games at GameStop using their paycheck, and that is how the money is “banked” in. When a withdrawal is needed, all they’d have to is return game titles that they don’t need/want and get their money back.

The user cites how GameStop lines are shorter and just as prevalent as banks in the town he/she lives in, and more convenient too compared to running to the bank. Like we said the idea is ingenious although we’re not sure we would recommend this to anyone. What do you guys think?

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