Drones perform spectacularly as the proverbial eye in the sky, but the Alaska Board of Game doesn’t want drones giving hunters an unfair advantage over their UAV-less counterparts. At its recent meeting, the 7 member Alaska Board of Game unanimously voted in favor of a measure to stop hunters from spotting game through drones, or other similar gadgets. Alaska Wildlife Troopers believe that this practise isn’t widespread, but with drone technology becoming cheaper, its only a matter of time before hunters start investing in drones.


The issue of drone assisted hunted was first brought up by the Wildlife Troopers in February, following a moose kill in Interior Alaska aided by a drone. The board itself submitted the proposal of make this illegal after hearing from the Troopers and voted unanimously in favor of it. A draft of this legislation will be sent to the Department of Law for review, and its expected to become law by July 1st.

It boils down to competition, and how drone owners will have a serious advantage in spotting game before hunters using conventional methods do. But then if it becomes too easy to spot and take animals, there won’t be any opportunity for anyone else, as there’s only so many animals that are allowed to be taken, says Capt. Bernard Chastain, operations commander for Wildlife Troopers.

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