aleratec-usb-duplicatorI am quite sure that many of us have gone through the motions before when it comes to copying stuff from one USB flash drive to another. The advent of USB 3.0 connectivity has definitely gone a long way in making life a whole lot easier (while saving us plenty of time along the way, of course), but what happens when you need to make plenty of duplicates within a short period of time? It would be the right moment to call in the cavalry, and that would be none other than the Aleratec Cruiser Mini Portable. Aleratec is an old hand at this, and their Aleratec Cruiser Mini Portable which is not much bigger than a professional grade surge protector (albeit it is some bit thicker), is able to copy files to 16 USB flash drives simultaneously, all over USB 3.0 connectivity, which results in a maximum (total) speed of 5GB/s.

Apart from that, the integrated software is also able to verify, format, create and copy images to those drives from a single source. Among the included software’s roles would be to do away with any kind of guesswork that depicts the status of each copy as well as number of copies completed. The asking price for this bad boy? We are looking at $500 a pop.

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