It has been consistently rumored that the All New HTC One is going to have dual cameras, though much hasn’t been revealed about them in the rumors we’ve come across up till now. The dual cameras are mentioned every time the phone’s specifications are rumored, and it has been seen on leaked press renders, spy shots and even on a hands-on video review. So its a pretty safe assumption that the next HTC flagship has dual cameras, but what for? Promotional material from Australian carrier Telstra seems to hint that the All New HTC One ‘Duo Camera’ may play an important part in improving low light shooting.

There’s little explanation in the promotional material of exactly how the dual camera will improve shooting in low light conditions, it may be assumed that photos from both cameras may be combined to create a better result using software similar to HDR. The camera may also allow users to add 3D effects, as well as choose where to focus and even soften the background after the picture has been taken.

Apart from reiterating the All New HTC One moniker, the Telstra ad reveals that Sense 6.0 will allow users to double-tap the phone’s screen to turn it on, a feature similar to LG’s KnockON. Price for the All New HTC One is listed as well, $840 Australian outright, which equals to roughly $700 in the U.S. [Image via GSMArena]

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