htc-m8-verizonHTC is working on an upcoming flagship phone which will be the successor to last year’s HTC One. So far we’ve seen the device leaked in photos and press renderings, showing off the carriers that the handset could arrive on.

Now we expect the official details along with a list of features to be announced on the 25th of March 2014 where HTC will announce the handset in London and New York. We guess in a way it was good that HTC decided to skip an announcement at MWC 2014 since it would have been overshadowed by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In any case we still have a few weeks to go before the handset is unveiled, but in the meantime it seems that someone has managed to get their hands on the device ahead of time and has since uploaded a whopping 12 minute review of the handset onto YouTube.

Basically from what we can see, the handset does appear to be similar to the leaked photos and renderings we have seen to date, and we guess there really isn’t anything we did not already know, although the uploader notes that the handset is a pre-production unit and where the video was actually recorded on the 19th of February.

Unfortunately it seems that the video has since been made private. We’re not sure if it was because the “review” was meant to go out at a later date, or if the uploader took it private to prevent any backlash from HTC, or perhaps it might have been at the request of HTC.

Either way safe to say that this video more or less confirms what we know so far, but either way we’ll wait until the 25th of March lest we get ahead of ourselves!

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