htc-streamAre you looking forward to the All New HTC One? Given that we’ve seen flagship phones from LG, Samsung, and Sony announced at MWC 2014, we guess the next big thing would be an announcement from HTC, right?

As you might have heard, HTC will be making the announcement on the 25th of March and will be holding an event in both New York and London, but the good news is that for those of us unable to attend or did not get invited, well HTC has also put a live stream up on its website where you will be able to tune into the event from the comfort of your own computer.

So far based on what we know, it looks like the handset will be making its way onto AT&T and Verizon’s networks when it is released. This is based on leaked press renderings that we’ve seen, although we expect HTC would want to make their latest phone available on all carriers, so we guess we’ll just have to wait for the announcements.

No word on when the phone will be released. It has been speculated that it could be released mid-April, but another rumor has suggested that the phone could be released shortly after its announcement instead, which would be an interesting move by HTC because not even Apple moves that fast!

Of course it is all speculation at this point in time, but safe to say that many are looking forward to the brand new handset from HTC, so if you loved what you saw in the HTC One from 2013, then the All New HTC One is definitely a phone to look forward to, so check back with us on the 25th of March for all the details.

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