10_3.0At the moment BlackBerry 10.2 is the latest build of BlackBerry 10. However we expect that BlackBerry probably has plans for future builds of the smartphone platform, and according to a recent leak by ZonaBB, alleged screenshots have been leaked that supposedly shows off BlacKBerry 10.3 in action.


Now we should note that there is absolutely no way for us to verify if the images are the real deal, so they should probably be taken with a grain of salt for now. However they do look pretty authentic, but either way we guess it does make for a pretty interesting point of discussion. There is also a chance that these are screenshots of an early build of BlackBerry 10.3, so the end results could look very different.

In any case based on what we can see so far, it looks like several changes have been made. For starters on the home screen (pictured above), it looks like the box that surrounds the icons have been removed, allowing them to “float” like icons on Android.

There also appears to be an intelligent assistant, although we’re not sure how it will function or how responsive it is. The leaked screenshots also shows off a new keyboard layout and colors, with BlackBerry opting for a more minimalist look which may or may not be well-received by BlackBerry users.

There are also some design changes made to the music player, controls, buttons, and so on, and there also appears to be additional camera features, like a timer and the option to record at 30/60fps in 720p resolution.

Once again we should note that these screenshots might not be the real deal and could simply be a fan imagining of what BlackBerry 10.3 should look like, but either way what do you guys think? Are you happy with what you are seeing so far?

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