cycloneAbout a week ago, we saw an alleged device surface on the internet. It was a BlackBerry product and it was allegedly a BlackBerry Cyclone prototype. For those unfamiliar with Cyclone, apparently it was a media box that BlackBerry had planned on launching several years ago but safe to say that did not happen.

Well it seems that the prototype has once again made its way onto the internet and this time on eBay where it was spotted for sale. The auction has since ended where according to the winning bid, it was sold for a whopping $450. Then again, to own a piece of hardware that never made it to production can be quite valuable to collectors.

Of course there’s no telling if the actual product works and that the person who bought it was not sold a lemon, although we are definitely interested in taking a look at the device ourselves and seeing how far BlackBerry has come along before deciding to give the project the axe.

Perhaps the person who bought it might sell it off to someone who might do a review on the device, or perhaps they just want to keep it for themselves, who knows? Either way hopefully we will learn more about the device soon. In the meantime what do you guys think? Would you have been willing to pay $450 for the BlackBerry Cyclone prototype?

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