1231c20e-3d5d-41ff-8197-264d5a38b4af_zps01e47f6fCamera manufacturers like Sony create devices for all sorts of photographers. From devices that target families and simple users, to high-end devices that target the enthusiast and the professional photographer, but it looks like Sony’s strategy for 2014 could be changing, at least according to an alleged leaked slide.

The leaked slide was posted by Korean website Naver and according to the translation, it seems that Sony will be entering “Phase 2” of their strategy which basically involves the focus on the high-end market.

This means that from 2014 onwards, Sony will be begin focusing on high-end A-mount and E-mount cameras. We can’t speak as to how authentic these slides are, but assuming they are true, we’re not sure what this could mean for Sony’s low-mid ranged offerings. Does this mean that they will be doing away with low-end point and shoots entirely?

We doubt that will be happening, but perhaps what the slides really mean to say is that Sony’s emphasis will be more on higher-end products. While they might continue putting out regular cameras, perhaps the marketing and attention will be shifted towards to their more expensive gear.

The slides also reveal that Sony is doing particularly well in Korea and commands about 31% of the camera market in Korea, and 53% of the mirrorless market. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled on Sony’s releases for the rest of the year just to be absolutely certain.

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