g3-screensAccording to our report from before, it was suggested that the upcoming LG G3 could indeed pack a QHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440. This was based on a UA profile sighting and now thanks to alleged leaked screenshots belonging to that of the LG G3, perhaps the rumors of a QHD display could be true after all.

The full resolution of the screenshots can be found at its source website, LGG3kopen where the dimensions of the screenshot appear to be that of QHD. It also appears to be pretty sharp at full resolution, indicating that these are regular screenshots which have been enlarged to suit the rumors.

Of course we are not discounting the possibility that someone went to great lengths to photoshop a QHD screenshot, but at the same time with the UA profile revealing its QHD display, we guess the leaked screenshot is somewhat believable, although we do caution our readers to approach it with some skepticism and a grain of salt.

As it stands only two OEMs have announced plans for phones with QHD displays: Vivo and Oppo. Samsung was originally rumored to launch the Galaxy S5 with a QHD display as well but safe to say that did not happen. However the rumors claim that there could be a premium version of the Galaxy S5 that might eventually launch with the rumored QHD display later on.

Assuming the screenshot and UA profile are legit, it looks like LG could be beating Samsung to the punch when it comes to a smartphone with a QHD display. With a rumored launch pegged for June, here’s hoping that additional details will surface regarding the LG G3. So, who else is excited at the possibility of an LG G3 with a QHD display?

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