There have been a lot of rumors about the devices Amazon is believed to be working on. It is believed that Amazon might be building a smartphone, a game console, and often we also hear about a set top box. While the company itself hasn’t confirmed plans related to these devices, a new report published today brings more information about the alleged Amazon set top box. Apparently its going to be similar to the Chromecast in design, Google’s $35 HDMI dongle has proven to be quite popular, and that it will have the ability to stream full PC games.

Presumably the rumored set top box and game console are just one product, even though a purported Amazon game controller was pictured last week. Game streaming doesn’t seem too preposterous, Amazon already sells digital download titles for both PC and Mac, rumor has it that titles will be streamed via Amazon’s services at 30 frames per second. It would be quite similar to OnLive game streaming.

A game streaming feature will certainly pit the device against traditional consoles, and perhaps it could be one of the most feasible methods Amazon can come up with without actually having to develop a full fledged gaming console. The Chromecast-like Amazon dongle is said to be in testing right now, so all features aren’t set in stone, that is if this report by TechCrunch holds any weight.

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