foxconn-bigger-ipadWhen it comes to tablets, Apple’s series of iPads have long reigned supreme, but it looks like that reign has come to an end, that’s if you were to follow Gartner’s recent stats which has shown that Android tablets have finally managed to overtake the iPad in terms of sales.

According to the recently released figures which are based on worldwide sales, they have shown that out of the 195 million tablets sold in 2013, Android tablets have managed to account for 61.9% of all those sales, versus the iPad which only account for around 36%. The remaining percentage goes to Microsoft with 2.1%, and “others” that are below 0.1%.

This is versus the previous year in which Apple managed to account for 53% of tablet sales, and Android with 46%. So why is Apple starting to see a dip in sales? Well according to Gartner, it is because Android has more low-end tablets with smaller screens, which is what customers are apparently looking for these days.

Sure Apple has the iPad mini but that can hardly be called cheap or low-end when compared to tablets like the Nexus 7. Ironically enough despite Amazon kickstarting the low-end, small tablet craze with their Kindle Fire, overall market share has dropped from 6.6% in 2012 to 4.8%.

This isn’t exactly a doom and gloom situation for Apple. Android tablets come from a variety of manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Archos, ASUS, and so on, so for Apple to singlehandedly have 36% of tablet sales is still pretty impressive at the end of the day, but what do you guys think?

How is Android managing to fare so much better, and is this a trend we can expect going into the future?

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