apple_logo2In the past there have been talks about how Apple plans on taking their Apple TV device to the next level, and one of the ways is to turn the set-top box into a device which could stream video content.

Now thanks to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, there are reports where it has been suggested that Apple is currently in talks with Comcast about a collaborative television streaming service in which the content would be delivered to the Apple TV.

What this deal would allow is for subscribers to stream live TV shows as well as to watch on-demand content provided by Comcast. Apple currently offers on-demand content via its own store, but we guess this deal with Comcast would open up more doors for the company as well as provide more content for its users.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the deal between Apple and Comcast has yet to be finalized and apparently one of the pressing concerns would be the infrastructure upgrade for Comcast in order to maintain a level of reliability that Apple demands. After all no one likes using a service which gets interrupted from time to time, right?

There’s no word if this deal will ever go through, or if it does, when will we be seeing or hearing about it from either company. In fact it was a couple of years ago that Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, claimed to have cracked the code when it came to building a TV, a move which many are still anticipating even until today.

While we’re not sure if that’s the direction Apple would be headed towards, Tim Cook had recently stated that the Apple TV has dropped its “hobby” status, a title which was bestowed upon the device during its early inception. In the meantime what do you guys think? Would you like to see Comcast content streamed onto your Apple TV?

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