applelensattachmentOne of the ways companies market their smartphones is by boasting its camera’s capabilities. To a certain extent megapixels are still used as ammunition when it comes to marketing a camera, but as we all know, megapixels don’t determine a camera’s quality and that there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Companies like Nokia have marketed their cameras to be great in low-lighting situations, while companies like Sony boasts the use of its Exmor RS sensor and G-lens. According to a recent patent by Apple, it shows the Cupertino company possibly considering the idea of a detachable camera which would undoubtedly make for a great piece of marketing.

Currently there are plenty of options for photographers who wish to use different lenses on their smartphone cameras. This comes in the form of lens attachments, like the Olloclip being one of them. However the Olloclip is a third-party accessory and the patent describes a feature that would be built into the iPhone itself.

In the past we have seen other patents by Apple that relied on magnets for lens attachment, but in this case, the patent describes a bayonet attachment system which reads, “Attachment mechanisms are provided. The attachment mechanisms may be configured to couple accessory devices, such as lens devices to an electronic device. For example, a lens may be coupled to the exterior of an electronic device with first and second attachment mechanisms.”

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, this is just a patent and is by no means an indication of a feature on the upcoming iPhone 6. It would be pretty awesome if such a radical camera design were to be introduced with the iPhone 6, but companies like Apple files for patents occasionally, so it’s hard to tell whether or not the Cupertino company has any plans of making it a reality.

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