The digital world is starting to become a scary place with reports of numerous popular services getting hacked. We’ve seen ZenDesk, Evernote and even Dropbox suffer from hacker attacks, but a report is coming in from South Korea that may show how fragile our Internet infrastructure may be.

Three South Korean television broadcasters and two banks have reported they may have been the victims of a widespread malware attack as they all say they’ve experienced serious network outages with bank ATMs and online banking being down for hours. One thing that ties the banks and television broadcasters together is the fact they all use LG UPlus, which is provides Internet services to these particular companies.

Three skulls with a message from the “Whois Team” was displayed on LG UPlus’ network, claiming responsibility for the malware incident. Whois Team reportedly warned this was “the beginning of ‘Our Movement.'” At this point, no one knows who or what the Whois Team is, but considering everything that’s been going on in North Korea over the past couple of weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised the communist country had something to do with this incident.

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