BlackBerry-LogoBlackBerry phones used to be the darling of the enterprise and government sector but with the Canadian company falling behind the competition, we have started to see companies and governments start to swap out BlackBerry phones for iOS or Android devices.

That being said, it looks like despite the White House potentially considering the use of non-BlackBerry devices, the Canadian company has achieved something that no other company has yet, which is to have BlackBerry 10 achieve Full Operational Capacity on the US Department of Defense networks.

In a press release by BlackBerry, they claim that BlackBerry 10 is the first smartphone platform to have successful been certified by the DoD. We can only imagine that the process of receiving the certification is one that is long and possibly very complex due to issues like national security and whatnot.

What this means is that according to BlackBerry, “The designation follows the Company’s Authority to Operate (ATO) certification and enables government users with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone connected with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) to securely access email, data, apps and other DoD network resources.”

We can expect that BlackBerry would want to leverage this certification in their push to have more of their products and services used by companies and governments around the world. After all if the DoD have given BlackBerry 10 their approval, shouldn’t other companies and governments trust their judgement too? Either way congratulations to BlackBerry for a job well done!

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