bbm-channelsWhen push comes to a shove, one would be willing to eschew their ideals in exchange for survival. Having said that, BlackBerry has not been doing too well lately in terms of its sales figures, and the recent fourth quarter fiscal 2014 results have been far from encouraging as sales of their bread and butter Curve as well as Bold devices that run on BlackBerry 7 have started to experience a steep decline. BlackBerry have lost their leverage that they had in their heydays when they did not want to bring BBM to other platforms, and it might be possible that we will see BBM introduced to desktops eventually in an attempt to expand their user base.

Right now, we do know that BlackBerry has already committed to cross-platform support simply by introducing their messaging service to ecosystems including the wildly popular iOS and Android (which will include the Nokia X series) platforms, and the Canadian company does not intend to stop there.

There were whispers of BBM making its way in the direction of Windows Phone in the months ahead, and an interview with BlackBerry CEO John Chen did see Mr. Chen share that BlackBerry are “taking a very serious look” at delivering this service on the desktop platform. Imagine chatting with your mates on your desktop while they’re out and about, or the other way around in a seamless manner. Will this move see more active users per month compared to the existing 85 million figure that had more or less remained stagnant?

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