NewsstandHere’s some bad news for BlackBerry users: if you frequently rely on apps like BlackBerry Newssstand or BlackBerry News to access your magazines or news, you will be disappointed to learn that BlackBerry has announced that they will be putting an end to both services in April.

BlackBerry News will be the first to get the axe on the 3rd of April which means that those who own BlackBerry Playbook tablets or older BlackBerry 7 handsets will have to look somewhere else. BlackBerry Newsstand will be cut on the 30th of April, giving BlackBerry 10 users a little bit more time.

It is unclear why BlackBerry has decided to put an end to those services. Perhaps they aren’t as popular or widely used as BlackBerry had initially thought, or perhaps BlackBerry could be coming up with something better.

Either way the company has stated that if users wish to keep their content on their phones, they should probably go ahead and download it and store it on their devices because once the 30th of April comes, everything will be gone. Any BlackBerry users bummed out by this piece of news?

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