john-chenBlackBerry isn’t doing so good at the moment, based on our earlier reports which shows that the company actually lost market share to Windows Phone, not to mention having carriers lose confidence in them. All of this seems to make for an uphill battle for BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, who despite the odds believes that he will be able turn things around.

If anything Chen has a sense of humor regardless of how bleak the situation is, and even has no qualms about poking fun at the competition which he recently did during the Oasis Montgomery conference.

When asked about the surging popularity of the iPhone, Chen said, “I call you guys wall huggers.” Why is that, you ask? Well apparently it’s in reference to the fact that iPhones typically do not sport a long battery life, meaning that iPhone users are constantly on the lookout for power outlets to charge their phone with.

To a certain extent that is true, although battery life is determined by how one uses the phone. Users who use their phones for heavy applications such as gaming and movies might find that it drains faster, while those who use it for less demanding activities will probably get more use from it.

But what do you guys think? Can Apple fans out there appreciate Chen’s attempt at humor since it is it partially true?

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