When Project Ara was announced, many were understandably excited. After all the idea of customizing a phone to your liking sounded very cool, not to mention you could upgrade certain components when needed versus buying a new phone entirely!

However it seems that the fun is not stopping there, thanks to a new concept called Blocks which is taking the modular action and bringing to smartwatches. Yup, you read that right, modularity could be making its way onto smartwatches in the future as well!

Basically the concept is similar to that of Project Ara where users will be able to pick and choose the components that come with their phone and swap them out when needed. Need a smartwatch that has more fitness focused features? Done. Want a smartwatch that has more multimedia features? No problem! Want a little bit of both? Sure.

The good news is that just like Project Ara, Block’s modular components will be open to third-party hardware manufacturers and software developers, meaning that there will be no single company controlling everything.

According to the Blocks team, this isn’t a product that will be hitting the market anytime soon, but apparently they have a working prototype in play already, meaning that it’s a matter of refining it further into something for the masses. If you like the sound of that and want to learn more, hit up their website for the details.

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