fbm-wpThe Windows Phone platform does not have as many apps as iOS and Android, although in the past few months/years they have been slowly gaining some big names, with one of the latest ones being that of Facebook Messenger.

For those who don’t know what Facebook Messenger is, it is an app available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone where it allows Facebook users to chat with one another without actually having to launch the Facebook app. On the Android platform, it takes it one step further through the use of Chat Heads.

That being said, it seems that Facebook Messenger could be an app that Windows Phone users have been waiting for because according to the charts (Top Free and New+Rising), it looks like Facebook Messenger is doing pretty well for itself.

In fact not only has the app been rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 by Windows Phone users, but it has managed to dethrone the official Facebook app and the Instagram Beta app as well. We’re not sure why the app is doing this well. Perhaps its success could be attributed to the fact that it is new, that and the fact that Facebook is so popular could have prompted the downloads as well.

Either way hopefully Facebook Messenger’s success will help spur developers on to create more apps for the Windows Phone platform where they might be able to enjoy similar success, if not greater, as well.

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