I am quite sure that many of us did play with the Nintendo Game Boy at one time or another during our younger days, and boy, did that little handheld console that could end up leaving quite an impression on our minds. Well, fast forward to today, and here we are with the possibility of actually constructing a handheld game system that you can call your own – the Gamebuino. The Gamebuino is made possible thanks to the Arduino platform, where it has all the hardware that you need although you have the freedom to develop your very own games, now how about that for flexibility?

The Gamebuino would come across as a credit card-sized retro-style game console with Arduino at its heart. Developer Aurélien Rodot intends to raise funds to bring the Gamebuino to the masses, and if you have decided to drop an adequate amount of coin towards its cause, do expect to see your Gamebuino ship later this July.

The Gamebuino system will come with an 84 x 48 pixel monochrome display (yeah, no color here) with an automatic backlight, a speaker, a microSD memory card slot, and a 16 MHz Atmega 328 processor. Underneath the hood, it will be accompanied by a 240mAh battery that ought to deliver up to 24 hours of non-stop gaming. Direction buttons and A/B buttons provide you with the relevant input options, so how about it? [Project Page]

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