They say sharing is caring, a quality often found in humans. If we find something amusing or interesting, most of us like to share it with our friends, family or people we really want to bring in on it. Google hopes that existing Google Apps users would spread the word about the internet search giant’s productivity suite, which will in turn bring more users. Its not just relying on worth of mouth, its also offering a small incentive. For every new user an existing Google Apps user brings in, they get a $15 referral bonus.


Some of Google’s most popular services are included in the Apps suite, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more. Multiple users can collaborate seamlessly and simultaneously, one of the major reasons why over five million business rely upon Google Apps.

Those participating in the Google Apps Referral Program will need to provide the company with their valid taxpayer ID as well as bank account details so that they can receive direct deposits of the $15 referral bonus. Google will provide them a unique referral link through which they can sign up new users. Delving in the fine print reveals that the $15 per user bonus will only be paid up to the company’s first 100 users who have already paid for the service for at least 120 days. The Google Apps Referral Program is initially only available to users in U.S. and Canada.

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