Google_SignAbout a week ago, Turkey announced that they would be blocking Twitter. Naturally this did not sit well with many of its residents and people overseas but apparently the ban did not help. In fact it actually increased the number of tweets, not to mention many found ways around the ban by downloading and using VPNs as well as utilizing Google’s DNS to bypass it.


Turkey has since lifted the ban but now that it has been revealed that Google’s DNS could be used to bypass bans, Google has found that Turkey has started to block Google’s DNS and that Turkish internet service providers are actually masquerading as Google DNS, reportedly to spy on its users.

According to Google’s Online Security Blog, “We have received several credible reports and confirmed with our own research that Google’s Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted.” What this means is that Turkish users who are using Google’s DNS might actually now have their information intercepted by local ISPs.

This has led to speculation that the Turkish government could be spying on its own people through ISPs and that using Google’s DNS may no longer be a viable solution. Of course there are alternatives like other VPNs that Turkish users could use, but for now it looks like Google’s DNS might not be such a safe choice anymore.

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