To say that the folks over at Google are a creative bunch would be quite the understatement. After all, they have come up with some pretty decent services and tools in the past, and April Fool’s is a great way to let off some steam. In fact, another prank by them would be having Google Translate being able to support Emoji, and in this prank, it claims to be built directly into Chrome for Android and iOS so that users are able to read all of your favorite web content using efficient and emotive illustrations, so that you need not have to labor your eyes through a bunch of text.

Google claims that their translation algorithm will be able to interpret not merely the definition of the words on a webpage, but in essence, their context as well and even tone if that is appropriate to do so. Heck, even facial expressions are not exempt, helping you “get more out of every screen.”

I suppose if this were to be translated into real world performance and not turn out to be a prank, it would be cool in some ways, although I do wonder how Google can make sure that nothing gets lost in translation along the way. Do you, for one, like to see that Google Translate will be able to support text to Emoji translation eventually?

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