Flappy Bird was undoubtedly one of the biggest internet sensations of the new year. The frustrating game quickly gained global popularity, players found it highly addictive, which is apparently the reason why its developer decided to take it down and effectively kill Flappy Bird. Since then dozens of clones and mockups have found their way online, but obviously they’re not quite as popular as the original game. After making its way on to GTA 5, the GTA 4 Flappy Bird mod has now been released.

The initial idea behind this mod was to make the player “flap” around the city in Grand Theft Auto 4, avoiding collisions. From there it grew on and now pedestrians are used to obtain points. Thus the player has to flap around and hit pedestrians to get points, if they hit anything else, they fall. There are three game models in the mod, with each having a different scoring scheme.

In one chance mode, once players hit anything that isn’t a pedestrian, they lose. In Time Limit, they need to keep hitting pedestrians in order to increase the time left, if they hit anything else in between they can start again without resetting score. Last but not the least is Free Mode, which is akin to the classic Flappy Bird game, the character needs to die for it to stop. GTA 4 Flappy Bird mod can be downloaded from here.

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