gta-5-patchGTA 5 was probably one of the biggest selling games of 2013, and rightfully so given that the franchise has managed to build up a pretty huge and loyal following over the years that it has been around.

However this time around, Rockstar did not mention anything about releasing GTA 5 for the PC, which is something they have typically done since the first GTA game. As it st ands Rockstar is still keeping mum on the topic of GTA 5 for the PC, but in the meantime it seems an email has been making its rounds which is basically a scam that gamers need to look out for.

According to the email, it supposedly invites the reader to be a beta tester for GTA 5 for the PC. It also contains a .ZIP file which is actually packing a piece of malware that attempts to trick users into installing it. In reality the file is a backdoor that will give hackers access to your computer if you install it.

As it stands, GTA 5 for the PC remains as a rumor since Rockstar has not confirmed it yet, so until they do, chances are that emails like this are more than likely a scam trying to trick you into paying them money or providing backdoor access to your computer.

Last we checked, gamers had signed a petition to Rockstar asking them to bring GTA 5 onto the PC. A tweet by a Rockstar developer also hinted that Rockstar was currently working on bringing GTA 5 to the PC, suggesting that they’re working on the quality of the game to match its console counterpart. Either way gamers should remain vigilant and keep an eye out on those fake emails.

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