gta5-collectors-special-edition-1When will PC gamers get to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on their computers? By now it’s only a matter of when, not if, Rockstar will release the game onto the PC. After all to ignore an entire segment of gamers does not make sense, especially since previous GTA titles have been released onto the PC platform as well. We had heard rumors that the game could be getting ready for pre-order and it was even spotted on Amazon France and Germany’s website, so when exactly will we see the game? Well the reassuring news is that the game is being worked on, at least that was what was inferred thanks to a couple of tweets by John Diaz, a developer at Rockstar.

When asked about GTA 5 for the PC, Diaz replied, “Until they are ready for you guys to the level of quality that you guys expect and that we expect from ourselves. These views are my own.” Diaz also seemed to imply that a Mac version of the game could be in the works as well when he responded to a Mac gamer’s tweet by saying, “do believe there are hungry gamers on that platform. I wonder how many Mac users are also #GTA fans?” Make what you will of these tweets at the moment, but hopefully we will hear something soon.

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