xios_7-1_adoption-pagespeed-ic-zq56hs23rsUpdating to the latest operating system is something most companies would encourage users to do. After all, OS updates typically bring about changes and improvements to the platform, while also addressing bugs and potential security loopholes.

Now as you might have heard, Apple has recently released iOS 7.1, the first major update since iOS 7 was released last year. The operating system introduced a host of changes and improvements, to the point where it even made a four year old iPhone 4 more usable again.

That being said, are iOS users rushing to update their phones or tablets to the latest version of iOS? Well it turns out that it’s probably not as fast compared to iOS 7 when it was first released last year. According to Chitika, they found that iOS 7.1 managed to hit a 6% adoption rate in the first 24 hours in North America.

Will those numbers rise as fast as iOS 7 did? It’s hard to tell because unlike iOS 7 which was a major jump from iOS 6 and introduced a whole new design and brand new features, iOS 7.1 can be considered to be more of a tamer update.

While there are visual changes, they are slight, and any other improvements or changes aren’t as noticeable compared to switching from iOS 6 to iOS 7. That and the fact that iOS 7.1 is apparently un-jailbreakable for now might put off some users from updating as well.

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