ios8-screenshotWhat you see above is an alleged screenshot that touts to represent iOS 8, having appeared over on a Weibo account (which is somewhat akin to Twitter in China). Although the main source of the alleged screenshot remains unverified and unknown, it does seem legitimate. Basically, from what has been depicted online so far, it does seem as though iOS 8 is not going to venture too far away from the existing iOS version on your Apple device.

In iOS 8, you will find square icons that boast of rounded edges being back in vogue, where that design will also be seen on some new app entries, including TextEdit, Preview and Tips. Do you think that TextEdit is going to see off the Notes app? As for Preview and Tips, it does seem as though these will help you view documents and PDF on the go, considering how the icon itself has a resemblance to the app of the same name in OS X.

What do we know about Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 so far? For starters, there is the possibility of the operating system update bringing in iTunes Radio on board as a separate app, not to mention Maps for iOS 8 getting “radical improvements”. What is it about Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system update that really catches your fancy?

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