holeiphone-500x281It was just yesterday when we talked about how a certain Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank’s life was apparently saved by his iPhone when his iPhone 5s managed to absorb some of the impact from the ball bearings and shrapnel from a teenage suicide bomber, and hence it was suspected that his smartphone saved his life while he was on tour in Afghanistan. Part of the iPhone 5s’ metal body was able to absorb part of the impact, as well as deflect some of the shrapnel away, but this did not mean that he walked away unscathed, of course – there were still some wounds to heal.


Needless to say, the iPhone 5s was damaged beyond repair, and when Apple was contacted about it, apparently they would not provide him with a new replacement, leaving Frank to keep his ‘old faithful’ as a memento. While Frank is still in Afghanistan sans a handset, his family in Utah has been trying to obtain a new one for him. They intended to run a donation drive to collect enough money to purchase a new unit for Frank, but before the money collected could be used, Apple finally decided to give Frank’s family a new iPhone 5s – three months down the road, that is.

I suppose most folks would not see this to be a sincere act at all, as Apple should have done the (right) and patriotic thing to do from the beginning, don’t you think so?

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