Considering how the MacBook has received the MacBook Air treatment in the past, do you think that the folks over at Apple might also do the same to their coveted iPhone range as well? I am quite sure that we are all pretty much well aware by now that there will be another iPhone released in due time later this year, but as to whether it will be known as the iPhone 6 or not, remains to be seen. Right now, what you see above happens to be the iPhone Air concept video, which could possibly be the closest resemblance to what the real deal would look like.

The iPhone Air concept was made possible thanks to designer Sam Beckett and his imagination. This particular concept does pitch a rather familiar looking design which houses a near bezel-less 4.7” sapphire crystal 1080p display, a body that measures all of 7mm thin, as well as a mere 8% enlargement of the device compared to the iPhone 5s. Right at the back also resides a 10MP OIS-capable camera.I know, the hardware specifications might not amount to much at this point in time, but considering this is Apple that we are talking about, they have seemed to have lost their competitiveness in this aspect for some time already. As usual, patience is required before all will be revealed eventually.

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