Companies pay special attention to emerging markets as there’s significant room there for growth. Such markets are catered to by a plethora of low-end or mid-range smartphones, usually powered by Android. Samsung holds a strong position, which gives it a leg up on Apple when it comes to their global statistics. The iPhone doesn’t exactly fit the range of most customers in emerging markets, though that doesn’t mean they can’t desire for one. A recent survey finds that in majority of the emerging markets, iPhone happens to be the most desired smartphone.

Customers polled by Ovum and Upstream in China, India, Brazil, Nigeria and Vietnam were asked about the smartphone of their choice. 32 percent of all polled said that they desire the iPhone. Samsung came in second place with 29 percent. In third place comes Nokia, with 13 percent of polled consumers desiring its devices. Even if they can’t buy an iPhone, the survey goes to show that they would if they could afford to.

The interesting thing to note is that back in 2012 the exact same survey revealed 32 percent in favor of Samsung. Back then, only 21 percent of those polled said that they desired an iPhone. In just one year Apple has managed to knock Samsung off in emerging markets, as far as the desirability is concerned.

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